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Books and edited volumes:
  • Toward a Transindividual Self, A study in social dramaturgy, with Bojana Cvejić. Berlin: Archive Books (forthcoming) 2022
  • A Live Gathering: Performance and Politics in Contemporary Europe, editor, with Livia Andrea Piazza. Berlin: b_books, 2019. See more here
  • Public Sphere by Performance, with Bojana Cvejić. Berlin: b_books, 2012 / 2015 (second edition). Buy here
  • An Introduction to Performance Studies (Uvod u studije performansa), with Aleksandra Jovicević. Belgrade: Fabrika knjiga, 2007. Download here
  • DOXICID; A fundamental mapping of contemporary theories of performing arts (DOKSICID s-tiu/4; fundamentalno mapiranje savremenih teorija izvođačkih umetnosti). Sremski Karlovci – Novi Sad: IKZS, 2006. Download here
  • Destroying Performance Signifiers; A contribution to a late post-structuralist materialist theory of performing arts (Razarajući označitelji/e performansa; prilog kasno poststrukturalističkoj materijalističkoj teoriji izvođačkih umetnosti). Belgrade: SKC, 2004. Download here
  • co-editor of Social Choreography. TkH no. 21, 2014; Politicality of Performance. TkH no. 19, 2011; Exhausting Immaterial Labor in Performance. TkH no. 17 & le Journal des Laboratoires, 2010; and several other issues of TkH journal from 2001
  • Editor in chief of TkH journal for performing arts theory, Belgrade, since 2002. Read and download here
  • Art in Serbia in the 20th Century (Umetnost u Srbiji XX vek), in 3 volumes. chief ed. M. Šuvaković. editor of the study field Performing arts. Belgrade: Orion art, 2010-12

Essays and articles (2007-19):
  • “The Collective Body of the Pandemic: From Whole to (Not) All”, e-flux, No. 19, June 2021 Read here
  • “Meandering together: New tendencies in landscape dramaturgy” (“Zusammen mäandern: Neue Tendenzen in der Landschaftsdramaturgie”) (2017), in: S. Umathum, J. Deck (eds.), Postdramaturgien, Neofelis Verlag: Berlin, 2019. Read the accepted manuscript in English here
  • “Landscape dramaturgy: Space after perspective”, in: Ingri Midgard Fiksdal (ed.), Thinking Alongside, The Oslo National Academy of the Arts: Oslo, 2018. Read here
  • “Curating Performance in Belgrade during the Cold War: Bitef’s Fine Arts Programme”, at IP — The Institute of the Present online platform, Ștefania Ferchedău, Alina Șerban (eds.), Bucharest, 2018. Read here
  • “Proper Name by Performing the Self; A dramaturgical analysis”, Performance Research, Vol. 22, No. 5, 2017. Read and download PDF here
  • “A Late Night Theory of Post-Dance” – a selfinterview, in: M. Edvardsen, M. Spångberg & D. Andersson (eds.), Post-dance, Stockholm: MDT, 2017. Read here
  • “Sputnik Natten”, Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival Newspaper, March 2017. Read here
  • “Performance Practice: Between Self-production and Transindividuality”, in: G. Klein & H. K. Göbel (eds.), Performance and “Praxis”: Praxeological Explorations in Dance, Theatre, Sport and Everyday Life (Performance und “Praxis”; Praxeologische Erkundungen in Tanz, Theater, Sport und Alltag), Bielefeld: Transcript, 2017
  • “The Crisis of the Social Imaginary and Beyond”, with B. Cvejić, in M. Nerland (ed.), The Imaginary Reader, Bergen: Volt, 2016
  • “(Cultural) Workers Gone Political“, TkH, No. 23 in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen, 2016. Read here
  • “Playing (with) the Generic: Some tendencies in the performing arts in Yugoslav cultural space after 2000”, in: Davor Mišković (ed.), Cultural Ties in the Balkans (Kulturne veze na Balkanu), Drugo more: Rijeka, 2016
  • “Art as a Bad Public Good”, in Elliott, David J., Silverman, Marissa & Bowman, Wayne (eds.), The Handbook of Artistic Citizenship, New York: Oxford University Press, 2016
  • “The Magic of Artworlds (Three Scenes from Belgrade)“, Performance Research, 20, No. 4, 2015. Try to get here
  • “Performing Ideology: Communitas and immunitas in today’s neoliberal democratic society“, in: There is no other poetry than action, Victoria Perez Rojo, Isabel de Naveran ed., Madrid: Artea, 2014
  • “Second-hand Knowledge“, in Parallel Slalom: A Lexicon Of Non-Aligned Poetics, B. Cvejić & G. S. Pristaš (eds.), Belgrade – Zagreb, TkH & CDU, 2014
  • “The ‘Black Wave’ in the Yugoslav Slet: The 1987 and 1988 Day of Youth“, TkH no. 21 “Social Choreography“, 2013. Download here
  • “Notes on Politicality of Contemporary Dance“ (2010), in S. Hölscher & G. Siegmund (eds.), Dance, Politics & Co-Immunity, Zürich: diaphanes AG, 2013. listen to the lecture (2011). Read here
  • “Critical Performance Studies”. Performance Research no. 18:1, 2013. Try to get here
  • “State against public good: Economic policy of cuts and political economy of contemporary art“, Frakcija, no. 60–61, 2012
  • “Precarity Talk” – A Virtual Round Table with Lauren Berlant, Judith Butler, Bojana Cvejić, Isabell Lorey, Jasbir Puar, and Ana Vujanović, TDR: The Drama Review, 56:4, Winter 2012. Read here
  • “(In) the Person of the Author”. shorter version in 4 Choreographic Portraits – booklet, Ghent: les ballets C de la B, 2012. read full version (English). Read here
  • “Vita performactiva, on the Stage of Neoliberal Capitalist Democratic Society”. TkH no. 19, 2011. Download (English and Serbo-Croatian) here
  • “Policies and Politics of Performance” (Policije i politike izvedbe). Teatron nos. 154/155, 2011 (Serbo-Croatian). Download here
  • “What Do We Actually Do when We… Make Art”. Amfiteatar no. 2 & Maska nos. 127-130, 2010 (English); also Cine Qua Non 8, 2014 (in English and Portuguese). Read here
  • “Historical Avant-garde and Performing Arts”. “New Theatre Tendencies: Bitef festival”. “Performance Art: From Neo-avant-garde to Conceptual Art”. “Alternative Theatre in the 1990s”. “New – Post-Political – Drama”. “The Contemporary Dance Scene”. in: Art in Serbia in the 20th Century, vol. 1. chief ed. M. Suvakovic. Belgrade: Orion Art, 2010. Read accepted manuscripts (in Serbo-Croatian) here
  • “Art Against and Beyond Authenticity: Readymade, pop-art, post-production, and cyberformance (Umetnost nasuprot i posle autentičnosti: ready-made, pop-art, postprodukcija i sajberformans)“ (2007). Radio Belgrade 3rd Program nos. 139-140, 2009 (Serbo-Croatian). Download here
  • “Choreography of Singularities and Differences: And then by Eszter Salamon” (English). Performance Research vol. 13 no. 1, 2008. Read here or here
  • “History Reloaded: A Tiger’s leap into local dance’s past”. Maska nos. 117-118, 2008; a later version: “Tiger’s Leap: A method of reloading the history of local scenes” in: Making History: Reflections from Dance Practice (Hacer Historia: Reflexiones desde la práctica de la danza), ed. I. de Naverán, Barcelona: Mercat de les Flors – Institut del Teatre – A Coruña: Centro Coreográfico Galego, 2010. Read here; also in B. Cvejić & G. S. Pristaš (eds.), Parallel Slalom: A Lexicon Of Non-Aligned Poetics, Belgrade – Zagreb: TkH & CDU, 2014
  • “From the Myth of Artistic Independence to the Myth of Artistic Engagement: Alternative theatre in Belgrade” (2005). in: D. Barnett & A. Skelton (eds.), Theatre and Performance in Eastern Europe; The Changing Scene, London: Scarecrow & Lanham, 2008
  • “Not Quite-Not Right Eastern Western Dance (On contemporary dance scene in Serbia)”. Mediterranean Dance Map, 2007; also in: Raster #1; Almanac of independent performing arts scene in Serbia, B. Djordjev (ed.). Belgrade: TkH, 2009 (Serbo-Croatian / English); also in: European Dance Since 1989: Communitas and the Other, Joanna Szymajda (ed.), London – New York, Routledge, 2014. See and buy here
  • “Undressing Theory”. Maska nos. 109-110, 2007
  • “QUEERßTRATEGY ≈ Identityfucking Gender Politics of the Multitude”, with M. Popivoda in: New Feminism: World of Feminism, Queer, and Networking Conditions, M. Grzinic & R. Reitsamer (eds.), Vienna: Loecker Verlag, 2007
  • “Limbo Limbo Art: Readymade theatre” (Limbo limbo art: ready-made teatar). TkH no. 12, 2007 (Serbo-Croatian). Download here